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Why Wonders of Curiosity

Wonders of Curiosity is a child focused education method where children delight in wonder and curiosity through experiential learning opportunities.

Personalized Learning

Our curriculum provides the perfect combination of structure and freedom so that you can tailor each lesson to your unique child. Each lesson includes a scope & sequence core structure (The Roadmap). By following the Roadmap lessons, you’ll hit all the learning objectives for developing core competencies of the unit study topic.

Each Roadmap lesson is followed by extension activities or as we call them, Pit Stop Suggestions. Just like going on a road trip, the best part is heading off the beaten path. In this section, you’ll find optional learning experiences to personalize the learning journey to your child’s interests.

Experiential Learning

Most curriculums teach through literature or textbooks, but we take it a step further. Every Roadmap lesson includes a reading or video that sparks curiosity and a hands-on experience that immerses your child in the learning process through problem solving, critical thinking, and creative endeavors.

Between the Roadmap lesson and the Pit Stop Suggestions, you’ll find learning opportunities that can be tailored to every child. Use your head to read, problem solve, and think critically about problems. Use your hands to create using a wide variety of art mediums, and use your heart to share with and learn through your community.

Each unit study includes a project-based assessment which gives your child the opportunity to explore the subject through different angles while demonstrating everything they’ve learned.

Developmentally Appropriate


We focus on your child’s unique learning timeline when it comes to academic standards. Every child develops at their own pace, and we believe your learning experiences and environment play a huge role in shaping that timeline.

In the early years (ages 2-5), your child will be exploring the world around them with a strong focus on developing fine motor skills, pretend play, and artistic creativity. We believe these skills are the foundation for writing and reading success. When it comes to academic core skills, we do not include formal lessons during the early years as we believe it’s more important to build foundational skills. The goal with any letter or number activity during these years is simply exposure.

During the elementary years (ages 6-10), your child learns about the early world while focusing on the core skills of reading, writing, and basic math skills.

We keep learning core skills fun and engaging by incorporating lots of games and real world application activities like playing store.

In the middle years (ages 11-13), our focus shifts again from learning core skills to applying core skills while learning about the modern world and American History. 

There is a strong focus on problem solving, critical thinking, analyzing, and synthesizing information while they learn how to think for themselves.  During this time, we add in more project based learning with real world applications.

Our curriculum stops after Level 7 because we believe the teenage years should be spent using their knowledge to discover and pursue passions so that they can create a life plan while becoming self aware and confident.

Beyond Core Knowledge

We believe learning goes beyond core skills, so we’ve included activities to help your child develop a growth mindset, positive mental health, life skills, emotional intelligence, and character development.

With a focus on serving their community, your child will graduate from our curriculum with a desire to change the world and live a life that is unique to them. They will develop a vision of who they are and their purpose in the world.

I love to see my son catching onto certain areas so quickly while also being able to step back and work on other areas a little longer when needed. My child has grown a lot since starting the program. I love that our days are hands-on and child-led, but I don’t feel like we’re missing anything.
Mom of Two
One of the things I love about this style of homeschooling is that it’s relaxed and tailored to my unique child. This style just seems so patient and I love it, which is why I decided to do the investment. I believe it is an approach that should be taken more by many parents because every child is unique!
Mom of One
Omgosh, I love love love your work! This unit is amazing! I swear we are curriculum soul mates other than the fact that I despise making it myself. I'm not kidding, brought tears to my eyes seeing all the hands-on activities and the organization of it is just perfect.
Mom of Twins

Single Mom, Homeschooler, Teacher, Child Development Expert, Education Expert

As a former elementary school teacher, Amanda has spent her whole life learning about education. Weirdly enough, it’s one of her most cherished hobbies. 

Amanda is passionate about education and developmentally appropriate practices. She is dedicated to helping parents understand the REAL developmentally appropriate standards their children should meet in each grade level.

Amanda supports delayed academics, child-led learning, and open-ended learning experiences. She strives to help parents feel confident in their educational choices while making it fun for everyone.

I’ve been helping homeschool moms since 2015 create a personalized education plan for their children. Here’s how you can get started…

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We’re picky about our choices so you can be confident that each curriculum follows the science of learning, is customizable to your child, and is hands-on, multi-sensory, and a lot of fun.

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