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Why is Wonders of Curiosity for you?

+Because you want learning to be fun and enjoyable for all without feeling like you’re missing anything important or having your child fall behind

+Because at the end of the day, you just want to feel excited and confident about what lessons you’ll do the next day (and more importantly, you want your child to be excited too)

+Because you want to successfully prepare your child for their future without drilling and killing the passion out of them

Our goal here at Wonders of Curiosity is to educate children to do what sets their souls on fire, so that they become passionate world-changers.


I used to be a 4th-grade teacher. It was my dream job, and I loved everything about being in the classroom.

Then my third year of public school teaching hit. This year was a bit different because I was a new mommy.

I wasn’t entering that year as a new teacher anymore. I didn’t have those innocent teacher eyes. I had mommy eyes.

As each day passed, it got harder and harder to stand in front of my classroom with those mommy eyes.

You see this class was different than any other class I’ve had before.

I taught preschool for 9 years before becoming a public school teacher. I had seen it all and conquered it all with success. But this year, I had a 4th-grade boy who was the most precious, hard-working student I had ever taught.

The problem?

He was on a first-grade reading level. In order to help him catch up, I was allowed to modify his assignments to a 3rd-grade level.

But it wasn’t enough.

This boy was also pulled out of my classroom every day for 1.5 hours. I only had him for a total of 2 hours where I had to teach him social studies, reading, writing, grammar, and word study. Being pulled out for special services did not excuse him from learning what we were learning in the classroom, so I only had 30 minutes to teach him all 5 subjects.

During the time he was pulled out, he was getting modified work, but still on a third-grade level. This pull-out was supposed to help him catch up.

But it wasn’t enough.

Every day, I left the school building crying.

Every day, I saw tears in the boy’s eyes when he couldn’t figure out how to successfully complete his assignments.

I cheered him on, held his hand, and sometimes just gave him the answer in hopes that it would click….

But it wasn’t enough.

I knew from all my teacher training, and most importantly common sense, that if I gave him assignments on his level and met him exactly where he was…

Give him a taste of success…

He would succeed.

I knew that if I kept giving him work at the level he was at and gradually helped him grow in his reading abilities…

He would succeed.

But that doesn’t happen in the public school system. My hands were tied. I wasn’t allowed to give him work on a first-grade level because that wouldn’t prepare him for the test. They were more concerned about preparing him for the test than preparing him for real life.

My mommy eyes were sad. And I dreaded the thought of my daughter sitting in my very own classroom.

Not because of me or my teaching abilities.

Not because of the other students.

But because of the system…

A system that didn’t allow me to meet a student where he so desperately needed me to meet him.

That year, I left my dream job.

And as I walked out those doors, I vowed to always meet the children I work with where they are. There is no such thing as behind or ahead. Grade-level standards are arbitrary assessments that are failing 65% of students. It’s time to do something about that!

I believe that all children are capable, motivated learners.

 But first, we must ignore societal pressures and ditch the government standards. Each child has their own unique learning timeline that will unfold naturally if we allow it and provide an encouraging environment.

If we respect our children’s timeline, we can confidently educate our children in a way that boosts self-esteem, builds confidence, and prepares them to live the life of their dreams. Learning should be an immersive experience not something we just cover and check off the list.

Which brings me to you...

I’ve had the privilege of working with some amazing homeschoolers who have learned how to let go of educational standards and trust their child’s unique learning timeline.

So I know firsthand how the most well-intentioned parents can get stuck, overwhelmed, and frustrated. 

They constantly ask themselves…

And eventually, they decide to throw in the towel because maybe this whole homeschool thing wasn’t meant to be.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I have worked with thousands of homeschool families, like you, who are at that sweet spot of “I really want this to work” and “Is this ever going to work?”

Maybe you have:

  • created strict schedules and/or looping schedules
  • bought every curriculum imaginable
  • tried rewards and/or consequences to get your child to just do their work
  • felt like you are doing ALL THE THINGS

You’re really trying, and with the best of intentions!


You have to ditch educational standards, look at the research on natural learning, and trust your child’s unique learning timeline. You CAN focus on what sets your child’s soul on fire while still checking off the most important skills your child will need to be successful at life.

Don’t worry! I already did this for you. Click here to download our Homeschool Skills Checklist.

I am not going to promise you overnight success. Heck, your child may actually bulk a bit, especially if giving them more control over their learning is a huge change for them.

But trust the process.  A successful education is all about creating a lifelong learning habit, not replicating school at home.

As you can probably tell, my vibe is way more “hang out on the couch cuddling with a good book or take a hike through the beautiful autumn forest”, versus “sitting down at the table to get your schoolwork done as quickly as possible”, and I know what you’re really after is an educational experience that you and your children actually enjoy, that gives you flexibility and freedom to actually live your life.

So if you're ready to...

Then fill in your info below to get started by downloading our Homeschool Skills Checklist.

Meet My Kiddos

Kade: The future paleontologist that will bring Jurassic Park to life.

Sicily: The one who calls herself “little mommy,” and spends her days caring for her baby dolls and stuffed dogs.


What Important Skills Does Your Child Need to be Learning?


What Important Skills Does Your Child Need to be Learning?

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