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What makes a good homeschool curriculum?

Before you even begin searching for homeschool curriculum reviews, you need to understand your personality as a teacher and your child’s personality as a student. Knowing these two things will greatly decrease your curriculum choices.

Once you understand yourself and your child in a learning setting, you need to know your educational philosophy and your learning goals.

Lastly, you want to understand how children learn and the science of learning reading, writing, and math. There are a lot of curriculum choices, but that doesn’t mean they are all developmentally appropriate.

Every curriculum is different because they all follow a different philosophy. Learning is not linear. The only constant in learning is that it will happen at some point. The when and how is highly dependent on your child.

Every child has their own unique learning timeline that is shaped by the experiences we give them and their environment.

You may have read all the homeschool curriculum reviews and chosen the best one for your child. But now the question is, are you using it the right way?

Curriculum is a guide, not a step-by-step process that you follow. Even though the curriculum designer intended for you to follow it step by step, it’s not at all the right way to use it.

Think of a homeschool curriculum as a road trip. When you leave for a road trip, you may only have one destination in mind… the end destination.

All the pit stops along the way are unknown. Think of your homeschool curriculum in the same way.

The curriculum is a map to your end destination, but all the pit stops are unknown. The pit stops are your child’s interests and the skills they need more help on. Below you’ll find all of our posts to help you navigate a homeschool curriculum the right way.


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