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Below you will find all of our posts related to how children learn and the science of learning. These posts were created to help you understand how your child grows and develops through the most important subjects. My hope is that you’ll walk away from these posts with a solid plan for teaching your child and with unstoppable confidence that you’re doing it right.

As you go through these posts, you’ll notice that I don’t give you a long list of benchmarks or reading levels in my standards. This is because every child develops at their own rate. It’s impossible to set specific benchmarks and levels for each grade. 

Instead, I have given age ranges of when your child MIGHT reach each standard/stage. It’s important to remember that every child has their own unique learning timeline that is determined by the experiences they’ve had. The ages/grades in this guide are simply ranges and should not be taken as definitive benchmarks. 

There is no such thing as ahead or behind. Your child is right where they are and there is no better place to be in this moment.

I know what you’re thinking though…

What about learning gaps?

This is such a complex question that many parents ask, but it has such a simple answer.


Learning is not linear, and it’s impossible to know everything. We can always learn and improve upon ourselves.

I see gaps as learning opportunities. These are places that you can capitalize on in the environment to help encourage your child to learn more.

Parents (and even teachers) get so worried about a child being behind, especially with reading, writing, and math, that they forget that their children are learning exactly what they need to be learning at that exact moment.

There are many different skills that Kindergarteners need. Learn what to teach a Kindergartener in a developmentally appropriate way.

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Spending time finding a homeschool curriculum can be frustrating, but it’s even more frustrating when your homeschool curriculum isn’t working. Here’s how to easily fix it.

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Project-based homeschooling reminds us to focus on deep, meaningful learning in our life rather than getting caught up in the stressful drama of getting lots of “things done.”

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Children are born learners. As adults we need to learn how to step back and let the natural learning take place.

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