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My favorite part of homeschooling is doing all the holiday activities. I love taking a week-long break from our everyday curriculum for almost all of the holidays. We even break for the little holidays like Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Veterans Day. Below you’ll find all of our posts on the fun holiday activities that we’ve done in our homeschool.

We even take the whole month of December off from our regular curriculum and do Christmas School. We do fun holiday crafts for the other holidays, learn about the history, and bake something delicious related to the holiday.

We’ve done holiday activities from a young age. As toddlers, my kids made playdough Easter eggs, decorated a paper Christmas stocking, and made mud pies on Pi Day.

Now that they are older, we still do those fun holiday crafts, but now we read books that explain the history, we role-play important figures like Martin Luther King Jr, and we volunteer by singing Christmas carols at a nursing home.

Holiday activities are more than just fun for your homeschooler. They give you a break from the normal everyday activities, and they are great learning opportunities for your child. The holidays are the perfect time to volunteer and learn about different cultures too.

Remember your child is always learning whether you intend for them to learn or not. By adding in holiday activities, your child gets to learn more about what they want to learn about which builds that intrinsic motivation and a love for learning.


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