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Homeschooling elementary is my favorite age group to teach at home. These children thrive with hands-on activities, experiments, and having lots of open-ended time to explore. Below you’ll find all of our posts related to homeschooling elementary.

During the elementary years, you’re helping your child develop a love of learning while also teaching them how to learn. I wholeheartedly believe that if you focus on teaching your child how to learn then what they learn doesn’t really matter.

I know you’re probably thinking…

“Of course it matters! What about the important math, reading, and writing skills?”

You’re right those skills do matter. But if your child knows how to learn then learning those important skills becomes easy. When your child knows how to learn nothing stands in their way from learning what they are intrinsically motivated to learn.

John Holt once said…

“Of course, a child may not know what he may need to know in ten years (who does?), but he knows, and much better than anyone else, what he wants and needs to know right now, what his mind is ready and hungry for. 

If we help him, or just allow him to learn that, he will remember it, use it, build on it. If we try to make him learn something else, that we think is more important, the chances are that he won’t learn it, or will learn very little of it, that he will soon forget most of what he learned, and what is worst of all, will before long loose most of his appetite for learning anything.”


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