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Homeschooling History should be a part of your social studies curriculum along with Geography. Below you’ll find all of our posts related to homeschooling history and geography.

Learning history helps us understand change, patterns, empathy, present-day issues, and our roots.

Learning geography helps us understand different cultures, global issues, and empathy towards others.

It’s also important to add one more piece to the social studies puzzle, and that is current events. When we take the time to learn about the events around the world today, we can connect them to history. This gives our children a chance to think critically about important issues and see how the past affects our future. 

Below is a list of the topics/historical events you should cover when homeschooling history:

  • World Geography
  • Ancient World
  • Medieval World
  • Early Modern Era
  • Modern World
  • American History
  • American Geography
  • History of Science
  • Prehistoric World
  • Religions (all types, not just your own)
  • Government (all types)
  • Global Issues

When choosing a social studies curriculum, you want to ensure it teaches REAL history. A good social studies curriculum doesn’t leave anything out, nor does it focus on just one point of view.

You want to find a curriculum that encourages your child to explore multiple viewpoints, tackles challenging social issues, and thinks critically about past and future events.

You want a curriculum that:

  • Encourages your child to explore multiple viewpoints of historical events
  • Opens discussions that help them create a deeper understanding and empathy
  • Explores current events so your child can make connections to historical events to find the patterns.

Secular homeschool resources can be hard to find. Here are our favorite hands-on secular homeschool curriculums that you need to explore.

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