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Homeschooling Science can be a lot of fun, but it can also be overwhelming. Many homeschool parents just stick with learning science from a textbook because the experiments can be messy. But incorporating those experiments is where all the learning really happens. Below you’ll find all of our posts related to homeschooling science the fun and easy way.

There are two purposes for teaching science. The first is to learn the facts and understand how the world works. The second purpose is the most important…

To teach children how to think, question, learn, solve problems, and make informed decisions.

Choosing a science curriculum can be tough. Every curriculum will teach different topics at different times. There really isn’t a sequential order to teach science which makes choosing a science curriculum based on topics covered a bit challenging.

Then there is the debate over the point of view. Will you teach your child from a secular point of view, scientific fact point of view, or from a creation point of view? This choice is ultimately up to your family.

Here’s an example:

Secular Point of View: A hummingbird’s beak evolved to drink nectar from flowers.

Creation Point of View: A hummingbird’s beak was created to drink nectar from flowers.

Scientific Fact: A hummingbird’s beak allows it to drink nectar from flowers.

In my professional opinion, it’s always best to start with scientific facts then question the science to determine and/or share your own beliefs. By choosing a curriculum that focuses solely on the facts, your child has more freedom to question and learn which ultimately leads to stronger critical thinking skills.


Secular homeschool resources can be hard to find. Here are our favorite hands-on secular homeschool curriculums that you need to explore.

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